Remodeling projects are incredibly commonplace here in the United States, so much so that more than half of all home owners (around two thirds of them) are actually in the process of planning out a home remodeling project to be conducted in the near future. Of course, home remodeling projects come in all shapes and sizes, from basement finishing to the garage addition to even a bathroom remodel or kitchen redo. The type of remodeling project that people choose to embark on will certainly vary quite a bit from household to household, but there is no denying the fact that the average improvement project of basement finishing or kitchen renovation and so on and so forth will likely be hugely beneficial after it is completed.

For one thing, the return on investment for home remodeling projects is quite impressive all across the board, making home improvement projects ideal to conduct shortly before putting your home up for sale. The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs this up, showing that remodeling a basement or going through the process of basement finishing for the first time can have a return on investment that is as high as 70% when all is said and done. After all, basement finishing can be a great way of taking advantage of the additional space that your home has to offer – even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon.

When you’re done with the process of basement finishing, your basement can become just about anything that you want it to be. For instance, a finished basement can become a rec room, a man cave, a playroom, or can even be turned into an additional bedroom for guests or perhaps a teenaged child looking for a little bit of space away from the rest of the family. For many families, going through the process of basement finishing is more than worth it at the end of the day, especially when you consider the fact that basement finishing projects have actually been among some of the most popular home renovations projects over the course of the last two decades or so.

Of course, basement finishing is far from the only home remodeling plans that people are coming up with. The improvement of outdoor spaces and landscaping is also common, and it is so beneficial that up to 90% of all real estate agents now recommend that the outdoor spaces of any given home are updated before the property is ever listed for sale. After all, research has found that homes with renovated and updated landscaping will actually end up selling for a final price that is 14% higher than what the original asking price would have been without the improvements made to landscaping and the like.

It only makes sense, too, as people love to utilize their outdoor spaces for a variety of different purposes. In fact, the average person (at least half of all home owners) will spend up to six hours each week simply enjoying their outdoor property, though this will likely depend on the weather at any given time of the year as well. There are many things to do in outdoor living spaces, from gardening to simply sitting out and enjoying the fresh air to hosting events for family and friends. Having this space be well cared for and welcoming is a must for a truly well utilized outdoor living space, and it is something that is able to be cultivated for just about every home here in the United States, no matter how small or large a yard might be (though different spaces will of course be utilized in different ways, as one might assume).

At the end of the day, home remodeling projects truly do come in all different shapes and sizes. From extensive basement refinishing projects to simply painting a room or planting more flowers, all home remodeling endeavors can end up with a positive effect on your home as a whole. For many people, home remodeling is a way to keep a home feeling fresh and inviting and not too outdated.

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