If you’re looking to quickly and effectively spruce up your home, consider a fresh coat of paint. From spray paint to paint for the nursery to paint for decks, there are many varieties of paint to choose from, all which can improve the appearance of an aging home. If you’re looking to put your home up for sale in the coming months, a fresh coat of paint throughout is likely to be particularly important not only for the speed in which your home is able to sell, but for the amount that it sells for as well.

People who are looking to sell their homes should, for instance, consider painting their bathrooms blue – or at least painting one of their bathrooms blue. A blue bathroom can, for some reason that is not yet fully understood, actually help a home to sell for considerably more money. In studies that were recently conducted, the presence of a blue bathroom alone was able to raise the final selling price by as much as $5,400.

For the rest of the home, though, it is ideal to stick to more neutral shades, as it is these neutral shades that are likely to be the most appealing to the widest of an audience. As a matter of fact, surveys back this up, as they show that nearly half of all respondents noted that they would choose some type of neutral color palette should they choose to redecorate their own homes. Therefore, neutrals can be hugely beneficial for the sale of a home, providing a blank slate of sorts for the new owners to work with (it also helps that neutral tones are very trendy at the moment).

But aside from just the color of the paint that you choose, you’ll need to consider the quality of your paint as well. From spray paint to paint for priming walls, choosing paint that is low in volatile organic compounds (also known more simply as VOCs) is a must and is not something to be overlooked. When these volatile organic compounds are found in high concentrations – as can be the case for everything from spray paint to your standard wall paint – a number of negative health effects can become a reality. Though volatile organic compounds found in spray paint and many other types of paint can certainly be detrimental to the overall health of just about anyone, they are particularly likely to have a negative impact on the health of children living in close quarters with these compounds.

The studies that have been conducted on the subject more than back up this claim. One study in particular, conducted by a Dampness in Buildings and Health study performed in Sweden, had particularly illuminating results. This study showed that among the children who were living in rooms and homes that fell within in the top quarter of the highest VOC concentrations around, the health impacts were quite pronounced. These children not only had a more than 100% chance of developing asthma, but had developed a more than 100% chance of developing some sort of eczema as well. In addition to this, the children in this category actually ended up having a more than 300% chance of developing rhinitis to some extent.

Therefore, the need for nursery safe paint, be it spray paint for nursery furniture or wall paint, is clear. Fortunately, many varieties of low VOC paint is available now, particularly here in the United States but in a number of other places all throughout the rest of the world as well. This low VOC paint can be found in spray paint as well as in wall paint and porch paint and the paint used for priming a floor. If you’re unsure of whether your spray paint or other such paint is low in volatile organic compounds, consider just asking a professional. Such a professional working at a store that sells paint will more likely than not be able to answer most if not all of the questions that you have.

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