Whether a homeowner is planning on keeping or selling their house, one of the best projects they can undertake is bathroom remodeling because this space is one of the most utilized yet underappreciated when it comes to renovations. However, before homeowners remodel their bathrooms, they should do a couple of things to ensure the remodeling process is smooth. What should homeowners do to make their bathroom remodeling great? According to the narrator in the video, homeowners can remove their toilet seats when remodeling bathrooms. To remove the toilet seat without making a mess, they can pour water-absorbing crystals into the bowl and then proceed to remove it.

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Something else homeowners can do is to remove the tiling in their bathroom using a circular blade. The blade cuts into the entire depth of the tile, which homeowners can then pry out using a long pry bar and hammer. Homeowners should also choose the style of the bathroom they want when remodeling. For instance, they can opt for a standard bathroom with a sink, faucet, toilet seat, and shower cubicle. On the other hand, they can opt for a wet bathroom if the space is limited. In a wet bathroom, the shower area isn’t separated, meaning all the cabinetry, floors, and walls must be waterproofed in case of accidental water splashes.


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