The United States has over seventy million homeowners. More than half of them relocate to new areas or homes with more space when adding a small addition to a home can solve that problem. Thousands have already embraced the idea. It has catapulted the American home improvement market to $400 billion in earnings. You can dive in today and improve your home. It is also the best investment you can make if you plan to sell your home. Improvements will add to the property’s value in the real estate market and make it attractive to potential buyers.

These tips will help you add comfort and value to your current home instead of moving out and dealing with new challenges, demands, and the additional stress of loans and readjusting to a new environment. Below is an in-depth look at nine ways in which small thoughtful additions can add value to your home and improve it for maximum comfort and luxury. You may incur some costs, but the final result will be worth every dime you spend.

1. Installing a Pool

Consider installing, expanding, or remodeling a swimming pool to improve both the social worth and value of your home. A pool services company will charge you from $35000 to $55000 for an in-ground swimming pool installation. Customized ones with extra features like hot tubs and pool lighting can cost around $65000 to install. You can also build a DIY pool to save on these costs. It will increase the value of your home by seven percent, no matter your approach. It is a perfect way of adding a small addition to a home to improve it and increase its market value.

2. Upgrading Your Gutters

Gutters are an indispensable part of your home’s well-being. They protect your shingles and the structural integrity of your home during rain. Upgrading your gutters to an efficient and long-lasting system is definitely worth it. Installing seamless gutters will increase your home’s life expectancy by over twenty years. They prevent debris build-up associated with other gutters that have welded joints.

They are stronger and more reliable than sectional gutters. Their continuous nature eliminates the chances of leakages in the system. Upgrading the gutter installation costs from $880 to $4,400 but can be higher if you install high-end gutters such as copper gutters which cost as high as $22 per linear foot, while the normal ones cost from $7 per linear foot. A seamless gutter system is a great way of adding a small addition to a home to improve it.

3. Adding Beauty to Your Yard

Consider your outdoor landscaping when thinking of adding a small addition to a home to improve its market price. A perfect outdoor environment provides the perfect place to spend time and relax. A well-designed garden allows you to enjoy the ambiance all year round, irrespective of the weather. You can sit outside and read a book or catch up with friends.

Involve a landscaping company when adding beauty to your yard for a professional outlook worth every penny. They will go beyond just designing the landscape and assist you in installing perfect lighting. The trees in your garden also need special care to remain safe and healthy. Tree services companies trim and prune trees regularly while removing fallen branches and trees to keep your backyard neat, safe, and beautiful.

4. Investing in a New Carpet

Investing in a new carpet is a great way to improve the outlook of your home and its value. Carpets can be the hidden cause of most allergic reactions in your household. Replacing an old carpet adds color, warmth, and comfort to the house. It is a great item of home d├ęcor that can take interior design to the next level. Carpet cleaning is also a great way of adding a small addition to a home to improve it when you have invested in tight weave allergen-resistant carpets. It is a less costly method of keeping allergies, dust, and pet dander at bay instead of switching fully to hard flooring options like tiles and hardwood.

5. Installing Plumbing Vent Lines

Proper plumbing adds automatic value to the worth of your home. It guarantees safety and comfort within the home. Installing plumbing vent lines is a great way of adding a small addition to a home that improves the existing plumbing system. Poorly vented drain lines cannot effectively move water and solid waste from the building. It results in overflowing drains and backed-up toilets due to a build-up of pressure in the plumbing system.

Clogged plumbing vents block air from leaving, building up harmful sewer gases that prevent water from moving through the pipes resulting in bad smells. It may require drain cleaning services to rectify, which is costly if done regularly for a problem that can be avoided by fixing a vent line. Clearing a drain costs from $250 to $750, depending on the location of the clog and how difficult reaching it is. You can save money used in unclogging the sewer lines with a properly installed vent pipe.

6. Upgrading Your Electric System

Adding a small addition to a home to increase its market price can be as simple as upgrading the electrical system. Overwhelmed and outdated electrical panels cause electrical fires that can disrupt or completely alter the lives of your family. Contracting electrical services specialists to upgrade your panel is a worthy investment to keep your family safe and protect your family home from fires. You can improve the electrical system to improve efficiency by rewiring circuits, installing timers, using energy-efficient appliances, and switching to LEDs for lighting. It will add value to your home in several ways, highlighted below.

Preventing Fire Hazards

Frayed wires and other issues can create fires when electrical systems aren’t regularly maintained or standardized. An electrical system upgrade is a good way of adding a small addition to a home to minimize fire risks. Qualified electricians can inspect your system to identify and fix problems as a part of a larger home remodeling project that adds value.

Bringing the Home’s Electrical System up to Code

Building codes and safety standards can change yearly. Doing an electrical system upgrade can align the home with current building codes more so if you plan to sell or rent it out. Building code violations can prevent selling or renting the property. The upgrade is a practical method of adding a small addition to a home to upgrade it for sale or renting.

Meeting the Power Needs of New Appliances in the House

Buying new appliances is another method of adding a small addition to a home to improve its value. However, they may come with more power demands that your home electrical system cannot meet, leading to frequent circuit breaker trips or fires due to circuit overload. Upgrading the system to meet the load requirements if your home is old and was not designed with modern power demands specifications is the best way to prevent these issues.

Adding New Power Outlets for Convenience

Upgrading your electrical system enables you to add new outlets and circuits for convenience when you want to rearrange home appliances. You can add more sockets to save you time, energy, and headaches if you decide to change the outlook or use any room within your house. You can ignore electrical upgrades, but it is definitely a convenient way of adding a small addition to a home that provides convenience.

7. Adding Something For Your Furry Friends

Pets instantly change the atmosphere at home. They build strong family bonds and attachments apart from providing security and companionship. Dogs are some of the best pets you can own, but that is not all. Dog grooming is essential for the home to enjoy the furry friend addition. It is vital for the dog’s health and its quality of life. It is both the hygienic care of cleaning a dog and enhancing its appearance for contests. Proper grooming gets rid of ticks, fleas, shedding, and various health conditions, which are important for both the owner’s and the dog’s health. A dirty-smelling pet jumping on your clean couch and bed sheets is repulsive. No family would like to deal with that.

8. Revamping Your Floor

A beautiful floor in your home makes a statement and gives a great first impression. Floors can also tell the history of a home through visible wear and tear. Working with home flooring experts is crucial during renovation. There are good reasons why you should consider it as you plan to improve your home.

Upgrading the Home Outlook

Consider redoing your floors if you want a fresh new look for your home. You may not like the material the previous owners used or the color. You can improve it to incorporate your taste or make it more modern if it is too traditional for your liking. Changing the floor is a game-changer if you plan to sell the house.

Enhancing Insulation

Cold climates require floors that can always keep temperatures stable. Carpeting is a natural home improvement strategy that provides sound dampening and insulation.

It helps homeowners to reduce energy bills. Laminating floors also achieves the same result. Floor renovation is an excellent way of insulating the home and changing its look.

In Case of Extensive Floor Damage

The floor can be so damaged in certain instances that repair may not work. New flooring is the best remedy to prevent fall risks and tripping hazards. Remodeling the entire floor instantly changes the outlook of the home and its value positively. Other floors can also be so stained that a professional cleaner advises the homeowner to replace them.

When You Want to Sell the Home

Some homeowners replace their floors to put the homes on sale. New floors offer significant returns on investment in these scenarios. A new floor increases the prospects of selling your home because buyers will notice the sharpness and elegance of one straight away. It is an investment you cannot regret if your plan is a home improvement for sale.

To Control the Prevalence of Allergies

Flooring can contribute to the allergic symptoms you regularly see within your home, such as asthmatic attacks. Floors and carpets hold allergens like dust and pollen, which trigger the attacks. Replacing the carpets with allergen-resistant ones or switching to hard flooring surfaces is an excellent home improvement intervention to end the menace. Consult professionals when you are looking for a new floor for your home. It is the only way to get it right and enhance your home.

9. Increasing Your Home’s Privacy

A good home is private and secure. It keeps you and your family safe and away from prying eyes. Invest in a quality wood privacy fence if you value privacy. It instantly secures your home and adds tangible value to the property if you decide to sell. You can build one yourself or hire expert fencing solution companies. Spending on fencing brings in definite returns on investment.

You Can Begin Your Home Improvement Right Away

There is no perfect time to start improving your home. You can start now. Changing the outlook of your home and increasing its market value is possible. You can do it in small ways using smaller budgets. Make the most of small improvement ideas to turn things around. Do enough research and work with brilliant contractors on your home renovations for excellent outcomes. You can also save money by doing some of the activities in your home renovation plan yourself such as pet grooming or buying a new carpet.


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