NEMA power cords that work in your country may not work elsewhere. It is vital to ensure you can use your electrical equipment safely. NEMA sets the standards for all types of cords and connectors. Most NEMA cords work only in North America. This video explains why they don’t work in other countries.

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Countries worldwide chose to develop different plugs and standards instead of adopting the US standard. Voltage standards also vary from one country to another. While the USA uses 110 volts, Europe uses 220 volts and 230 volts. Some African countries use 240 volts. The voltage, amps, and outlets determine how the cord works and the maximum load it can handle.
The c19 c20 power cords are perfect examples of connecting cords that illustrate this. They rate at 20 Amps in North America and 16 in other countries. The maximum load they can handle is 250 volts. It means that they may malfunction in countries where the voltage is lower than 250V. It is also dangerous to use a 125V, 15Amps connector on a 250V power supply unit because there are high chances the appliances will explode.

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