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Don’t reach for the thermostat! Just because it’s getting chilly doesn’t mean you have to waste money staying warm.

Winter is brutal on our homes. It makes even getting out of bed an ordeal, much less driving through slush covered roads and walking on frozen sidewalks. When we get home all we want to do is snuggle up somewhere warm. This isn’t easy to do when energy is expensive and the holidays happen to land on some of the most expensive days of the year. A new window installation can shave a little stress of your shoulders and keep your home cozy by preventing temperature leaks. Not sure what windows have to do with conserving energy? Look at the facts below and learn about the secret ingredient every homeowner needs for their winter to be a success.

Fast Facts

A lot of American homes are in dire need of a touch-up. Look no further than the average drafty, dull and creaky home window, doing less to keep air in and more to keep energy costs up. According to studies provided by the Department Of Energy, over 40% of the average energy bill will go to heating alone. Half of Americans that rely on natural gas to heat their home will have costs reaching $650 or more. Yikes! What can better home windows do to reverse this?

Improve Your ROI

Before we get into energy conservation let’s talk about what benefits your home can accrue with a new window installation. Some homeowners are planning on selling their home over the next few years and want to see how they can get as much money back as possible. The National Association Of Realtors found homeowners can get as much back as 80% when they replace their windows. This is due to windows being both aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional, a bonus for just about any curious homebuyer.

Keep Your Home Cozy

Now for the kicker. A home that just can’t seem to stay warm likely has a bigger problem on its hands than lackluster air conditioning. Drafty windows and doors are a notorious leech on temperature and can drain money right under your own nose with you none the wiser. Dual-paned windows are much more effective at retaining heat than their single-paned counterparts, filling in the cracks and keeping air from seeping in little by little. Sadly, the latter is still a common addition in many older American home models.

Reduce Your Bills

Drafty windows will crank up your energy bill by as much as 25% when left unchecked. Right off the bat, that’s a number nobody wants to see when there are presents to buy and travel expenses to pay! A 2,600 square foot house with energy efficient windows can save up to 15% every year on its energy bill, thanks to data provided by the Efficient Windows Collaborative. This coalition has done extensive work to document the economic and environmental impact of positive home installations, with residential windows taking priority for their wide influence.

Investing In A New Window Installation

Installing some energy efficient windows will make sure this is your coziest winter yet. Replacing a window can cost anywhere from $300 to $700 per window, depending on the age of your home and the models you choose from. EnergyStar is a wonderful resource for homeowners who want to choose the very best on the market, providing detailed eco-friendly and economic analysis to give you the biggest possible picture on your savings. Not only will you have a lower monthly bill to enjoy, you don’t have to worry about coming back to a cold house any longer.

Instead of turning up your thermostat, consider how a window company can keep you from shivering your way through the holidays with a brand new window installation.

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