Air conditioning units typically have a lifespan between 10 to 15 years. A furnace can typically last for up to 20 years. Therefore, when one of the heating and cooling systems breaks down, it may seem logical to replace only the system that’s broken.

However, there are significant reasons why it may be in your best interest to replace both your heating system and your cooling system at the same time even if you feel all you need is commercial AC service.

Repair before you replace

Before you decide to replace your air conditioning unit or your furnace, it’s important to have a professional commercial AC service or furnace repair service take a look at your system. It may be that your air conditioner or furnace is repairable with a little bit of maintenance.

While the technician is servicing your broken equipment, request an additional look at your remaining system. Getting a professional assessment that’s honest can help you determine how much longer the system will continue to run efficiently.

A professional commercial AC service can also determine the age of your system. If your air conditioning is broken and your furnace has already been running for 18 years, it may be a better idea to replace both systems at the same time.

The option of a matching system

Unlike separate air conditioning and heating units, matched systems often use the same air handler. This helps to increase energy efficiency, reduce size, and reduce the cost of equipment. They’re also typically manufactured using the latest technology, which definitely helps to save money in the long run.

By choosing to keep a functioning, but separate heating or cooling system, you may end up reducing the energy efficiency of the new system. This is typically true if they use the same air handler. An air handler that’s reaching the end of its lifespan will only end up making your new system work harder and less efficiently.

Of course, matched units aren’t for everyone. If your air handler and separate heating or cooling system is relatively new, your energy efficiency could be just fine.

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