metal roofing installationAutumn is considered to be one of the best times of the year to get a roofing installation or roofing repair. This is because autumn maintenance ensures your home is well-prepared for whatever winter throws at it: debris, sleet, hail, or snow. Plus, any roofer will tell you that installing new roofing products in the middle of winter is extremely difficult, particularly here in Indiana.

If you know your home is ready for a new roof or you’ve been fighting roofing repair on a regular basis, there are many options and materials to choose from. While each type of roofing material has unique advantages, here’s why a metal roofing installation may be right up your alley for efficient home winterization.

You’ll be comfortable all year-round
Metal roofing is made up of steel or aluminum shingles and has been known to last American homeowners up to 50 years or more. For winters and summers alike, metal roofs are proven to be extremely durable and can also help around the house in terms of energy efficiency.

In the summer, metal roofs help to reflect sunlight off the house, preventing the inside from heating too quickly and racking up your HVAC utility. However, in the winter, metal roofing doesn’t hinder a home’s heating any more than asphalt shingles. That is, the metal of the roofing will cool down during the winter nights, but the insulation beneath the shingles themselves never cools any more than the average non-metal roof.

In fact, metal roofing may actually help keep your home warmer during the winter because of the smaller amount of airspace between the metal shingles. According to a study conducted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the surface of the metal roof proved to be chillier than an asphalt roof, but the airspace below the metal roof proved to be up to 20 degrees warmer than that of the asphalt roof.

You’ll have greater protection from weather damage
One of the biggest problems for roofs during the winter isn’t actually the cold temperatures, but rather the extreme weather it causes. Hail storms can crack shingles, and frequently melting and refreezing ice can cause ice dams that literally tear your roof apart. 

With a metal roofing installation, you can feel more protected against winter weather. Metal roofs are impervious to hail and if they receive any damage it’ll be small dents rather than cracked shingles. What’s more is that a metal roofing installation will keep you from worrying about ice dams or snow buildup. Snow slides right off a metal roof and water can’t penetrate through the metal to cause damage.

Whether you need a new roof installation or not, autumn is one of the best times for a roof repair service to take a look at your roofing. Consider calling a roofing contractor today to ensure your roof is ready to go for winter.

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