Crane matts

Cranes are amazing feats of engineering. They allow us to lift very heavy objects in order to build strong, tall, and huge buildings safely, and are used for many other things including industrial sorting and other tasks. Cranes play a bigger part in all of our lives than many of us are aware, and for those who are actually in charge of making sure they are used safely, crane mats are critical

Crane mats and pad basically make sure that the surface on which a crane is operating will be able to be level and flat, allowing for the crane to have the proper leverage. Check out some other reasons why crane mats are important.

It’s Mandated By Law — OSHA literally stipulates that you have to have your cranes assembled on firm, drained, and sufficiently graded soil with supporting materials to provide support and levelness, and the truth is that most construction sites do not fit the bill in any way. So, it is extremely important to make sure that you have the proper ground mats and crane pads to ensure the safe operation of machinery at your site.

Crane Tip-Overs Are Actually Quite Common —Believe it or not, but cranes tip over more often than they should, and some of the time it is because they aren’t properly secured on outrigger pads or steel crane pads. This is especially common when construction is occurring on uneven terrain.

It Will Keep Everyone Around You Safe — If you work in construction, you know that a major injury can halt operations for a long time, bring down morale, and make you look very bad to a client. These are only some of the reasons why it is imperative to keep your workers as safe as possible while on a construction site. Other reasons include liability, workers comp. payout, and basic human decency — you don’t want your workers, clients, or any pedestrians to get hurt if at all possible.

So, if you work with cranes — make sure they have the correct mat on which to operate. You won’t regret it! More.

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