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There is a big difference between painting a house and painting a commercial building. For that matter, there is a big difference between painting interiors and painting exteriors. There are several reasons why painting a residential building requires a professional painting contractor. For one thing, a commercial painting job is presumably meant for a professional building of some kind. For another, an amateur painter, no matter how dedicated, is going to lack the skill and materials required for a good-looking paint job. The less clean and professional a paint job looks, the less potential clients and customers will respect a business. Professional painting contractors not only get the job done — they get it done well and quickly. Many painting contractors handle both interior and exterior painting, as well as sandblasting. Some even offer further opportunities. Still, some hesitate over hiring professional painting contractors for paint jobs, simply because they don’t want to spend the money necessary. As we’ll discover below, however, there are multiple benefits to using professionals, rather than hiring amateurs or trying to handle the paint job themselves. With that being said, let’s look into the reasons why you should stick to professional painters — and how they work.

How Professionals Improve The Performance Of Regular Paint

When comparing a professional paint job to an amateur one, you’ll probably notice that the professional job looks brighter and more vibrant. It isn’t because professionals use different techniques — or even necessarily that they use better paints. Many professional contractors use the same types of paint that you would. They just use professional-grade materials along with that paint that improves its appearance and in some cases even extends its lifetime. For example, professionals often use tinted primer. Tinted primer covers the existing wall color better than regular primer, and as such the finish coat will be brighter and need fewer coats — in other words, you’ll have to use less paint. Typically, professionals also use extenders for multiple reasons. They can make the application of paint easier, give greater adhesive qualities, give body to the paint, and much more. Extenders are usually used with drywall, woodwork, cabinets, and doors. If there are gaps of some kind on the surface that is to be painted, they can be filled with an acrylic-latex caulk that not only makes your trim look like new, but cut down on drafts.

The Benefit Of Some Types Of Paint Jobs Over Others

A major advantage of using professional painters is their knowledge. They really do know better than us — they’ve learned over the years, and are aware of the different types of paint to use under certain circumstances. For example, glossier paints tend to be more resistant to stains; they’re also more scrubbable. This is something that few would guess looking at the beautiful appearance of glossy paint — in fact, many assume that it is less durable than a matte paint. For that matter, professional painters know that there is a big difference between the approach to an interior paint job versus the approach to an exterior paint job. Usually, an exterior paint job requires a significant amount of preparation in comparison to an interior paint job. This preparation could involve removing flaking paint, caulking, and priming before applying the paint. All of this will ensure a quality finish. But there are a few more details that need to be taken into mind when beginning any paint job.

A Final Few Tips Regarding Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is not nearly as simple as it seems. It requires a lot of time and effort, and yes, to a certain extent money depending on the job you want done. But it’s worth it. You’ll notice that a pro always comes prepared — this is why they tend to prefer five gallon buckets with roller grids rather than roller pans. This is because these grids hold more paint and rarely flip. With that kind of attention to detail, you can’t go wrong.

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