Ground mat

Working at a construction site can be dangerous. That is the first thing that you are told when you decide to work there. People love to throw safety tips and precautions your way. They love to tell you statistics about how many toe accidents can lead to sick leaves and loss of money. They love to tell you about the necessities of having fall protection on the site. What people forget to mention are the important tools and machinery that can make the job safer and more efficient. They worry about the dangers instead of offering solutions for how to make the job safer and run better.

We’re not like them. In fact, here’s a tip, get a crane pad. Need more convincing? Fine. Here’s a list of five tough terrains that require a crane pad.

  1. Wet Ground
    First and foremost, wet ground is dangerous. All of the slick terrain can lead to poor traction and can make operating machinery like cranes. These slick terrains can lead to major accidents if an operator were to loose control of his machine. As such, it is important to find a way to stabilize the machine. One such way is to look into plastic and steel crane pads. These crane pads are easy ways to make sure that the ground has enough traction to keep the machine at bay. This is just another tool that you can use to stay in control of the construction site and of the project as a whole.
  2. Soft Ground
    The same could be said for soft ground. Soft ground can cause its own problems because of the fact that there is no traction, but in addition to that the pressure of the machine can bury itself into the ground. A soft ground can lead to a myriad of problems at the construction site. If a machine were to get buried in the ground, you would have spend countless time, money, and resources on getting the machine out. It is best to find a way around that problem using crane pads. These mats can help ease situations like these and make your job just a little bit easier.
  3. Extreme Weather
    Extreme weather can cause multiple problems. Most of which are obvious because its in the title. These extreme conditions can make it so that you would have to fight terrible conditions in the work place. The risk of danger would greatly increase. Plus, then you would have to worry about muddy grounds that are a mix of the wet and soft ground scenarios that were spoken of earlier. In order to combat this, ground mats can be used. Its a simple solution for a complex, and headache inducing, situation.
  4. Level Ground
    Adding to the problem that you could have is the idea that you need a level floor. What if you are on terrain that is rocky and full of debris. This could disturb the machine as you try to move it around. It can cause a rocky trip that could lead to bad operation. In addition, there could be pieces of the ground that could get into or harm the machine. Or, maybe you just have terrain that isn’t level. Having to deal with hills for instance can cause quite a problem. As such, it would be best to invest in tracks of mats that can keep the path as stable and level as possible for the driver handling the crane.
  5. Traction For Heavy Equipment
    All of this is to say that you need traction. Traction is key to maintaining a stable and efficient machine. You want to make sure that the ground is clear of any debris or substances that could ruin it. You want to make sure that it is level and linear. You want to make sure that the are no wet spots to slip under or to make the ground softer/saggier than it should be. By ensuring all this with a crane mat, you are ensuring that your construction site keeps running smoothly and that your employees are staying safe for the long run.

A construction site is a dangerous place. That’s why you need equipment, machinery, and tools that can help. Crane pads are one of them.

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