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Contrary to what most believe about trade occupations, being a licensed plumber, takes a lot of training and experience. Just think about it. You have to fully understand the underground layout of pipes and the function of each and every component. It?s much more than just knowing how to unclog a toilet repair or installing a faucet. That?s just the basic skills anyone can obtain. The general requirement to becoming a licensed plumber goes a little farther than that.

While all states have different requirements the all share some general rules and guidelines. Let’s take a look at these general guidelines and requirements in detail.

You must have a high school diploma or a GED.General education may not be a requirement to becoming a licensed plumbers but several unions and plumbing companies around the country do require a high school diploma. It’s not that you need to do any sort of arithmetic when conducting any kind plumbing repair but understanding metric systems does give you a leg up on the the competition.

Take and pass vocational plumbing courses This is an essential step to becoming a licensed plumber in any state. You need training from licensed professionals as well as as a degree or certificate from a vocational school. This will get you started on making this a career. Finding a plumber these days is not hard. It?s a very competitive profession that anyone can do if they put in the time and effort. A degree from a vocational school will put you above the rest.

Each state have different course requirements in order to complete your education and earn your degree. It all depends on which school and state you attend that determines how much time and money you need to put in before you can apply for an apprenticeship.

Enroll in a plumbing apprenticeship gain more on-hand experience. This may be the most important step to becoming a licensed plumber. Gaining much needed experience in an apprenticeship program is a requirement in every state. These programs are open to anyone interested in a career providing plumbing services as long as you?re at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma.

Most apprenticeship programs also require a minimum of 144 hours in a classroom as well as on the job training form experienced instructors. The application process to enroll in an apprenticeship program is pretty straight forwards however with so many applicants per year it is still a very competitive program to get into. There’s a written application and an aptitude test involved. Scoring well in each test will definitely give you advantage to being accepted in the program.

Last but not least, take and pass the Journeyman?s Plumbing ExamOnce you?ve passed you class course and met that requirement in the apprenticeship program you are just one step away from becoming a licensed plumber after you pass the Journeyman?s Plumbing exam. Make sure to review any and all course materials before the exam. Take any practice test that will help you get accustomed to answering the kind of questions that are in the real test. Once you?ve passed the test you will meet all the required steps to gaining your plumber’s licensed.

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