As we get closer to the cold season, your current heating situation might not be enough to keep the house warm for the holidays. One thing you can look into are electric heaters, which is a type of heat exchanger. A lot of the time, we use heat transfer equipment just for this reason, to keep the house warm, but when looking for efficiency, what types of electric heater should we be looking for?

The answer is actually quite surprising, in that all space heaters, or electric heaters, have the same efficiency as they all use the same technology and method inside of them! The only true downside is that a space heater can’t heat a whole room as efficiently as something like a heat pump.

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It works very similarly to your ac at home but has the reverse effect. Not even an industrial heat exchanger would be as efficient as a heat pump.

While a heat pump is more efficient, it can also be a lot more expensive. So in terms of efficiency, sometimes an electric space heater is just the way to go. It gets the job done and they’re small and portable, making it easier to carry around.

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