In this video you will learn about one of the best fire suppression systems that you can install in your home. This particular system works best if installed in the basement and will help to keep you and your family safe and could even save your home. The video will go through every feature of the system, showing you how effective it can be at preventing fires from spreading to the rest of your house.

Since most people spend their time on the first and second floors of their houses, basement fires can often go unnoticed and quickly spread. That’s why it’s important to have a first line of defense.

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Sprinklers work very well for this purpose. They are covered by a small cover that will fall off if heated to a specific temperature, which will activate the sprinkler. That means, as long as there is a fire in the basement, the sprinkler will always activate, giving you peace of mind and knowing that your basement, and therefore the rest of your house, is being looked after.


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