One of the main purposes of thermal insulation is to conserve energy use and keep the temperature constant. Insulation is vital to prevent heat from leaving your home. There are multiple different ways to insulate a home. This video explains some methods to insulate your home.

Fiberglass insulation is one of the most common options. Insulation is measured with an R-value.

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The higher the value, the more insulation resistance it has. Fiberglass is simple to install yourself, you just roll it out and stick it out. However, because it is made of finely woven glass fibers combined with silicon and glass powder, it must be handled carefully, and anyone installing it must wear protective gear as it can damage the eyes, lungs, and skin. The second option is foam installation. Spray foam fits tight between the stud base and forms a strong barrier. On an r-value basis, spray foam is equally as effective. Open-cell spray foam is spongy and when water comes in contact with it, the water will find a way to pass through it. Open-cell spray foam not only insulates to improve temperature consistency but also seals cracks and crevices that allow air to leak into and out of your home. Foam insulation is watertight while fiberglass cracks under moisture. However, installing spray foam requires a professional while fiberglass is easy to install yourself.


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