Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, so it needs to be protected. Typically you will have good luck with a commercial roofing contractor. However, this video lists some ways to tell when a roofing contractor is cutting corners when it comes to roofing installation or repair.

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A poorly done roofing job can cost you thousands of dollars and years of headaches. When hiring a roofing contractor, watch out for those who do not pull permits when asked. Some contractors try to save money by not getting a permit. In the same way, watch out for those who are not licensed. Licensing means more in-depth education.

Contractors might also try and cheap out on ice/water underlayment. This part of the roofing installation is essential because, without strong underlayment, leaks can occur. Watch out for a contractor who quickly replaces shingles without a water barrier. Next, roofers should register warranties for their customers. They can talk about a “lifetime” warranty, but then only actually have ten years. In order for the warranty to be held, it must be registered with the manufacturer. Lastly, make sure your roofer replaces rotted root when you need it.


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