One distinct advantage to being a homeowner is that a person can have the interior of their home remade and updated, or remodeled. Remodeling contractors can be hired to update a room or even the entire house, and these crews will have the tools, skills, and materials for the job. These remodeling companies may be asked to update a room such as the kitchen or master bathroom, and in other cases, they might even remodel the entire house. Around 35% of home remodeling jobs are done for the entire house, and this gives the home a consistent theme and look from end to end. In other cases, remodeling contractors double as “design build” teams; that is, they help the client design the new home look as well as install it. This may be helpful if the homeowner can’t decide what their remodeled house should look like. How much is spent per year on remodeling contractors? Who likes to remodel their homes the most?

Investments on the Home

It should be noted that home remodeling isn’t just an expense; it’s a proper investment. After all, a refreshed, updated home will be not only comfortable for the current occupants, but also attractive to buyers when the property is put on the real estate market. Remodeled homes may fetch a higher asking price that buyers will pay, and such homes tend to sell faster, too. The same may be said if the homeowner has also invested in landscaping for their front or back yard, such as a wooden fence, a wooden deck, or a swimming pool. Remodeling popular rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom can yield a ROI, or return of investment, as high as 70-80%. This makes remodeling a smart spending choice.

Most often, it is Baby Boomer homeowners (those born 1945-1963) who are spending the most on home remodeling, as they have had the most time to save money and learn about home ownership. The Boomers, on average, spend about three times as much on remodeling contractors than do younger homeowners. This may change in the coming years, however. Millennials, or young adults born 1982-1995, are slowly catching up, and they are becoming a major presence in today’s real estate industry. These young adults, often in their mid 20s to early 30s, are now old enough to afford major life purchases such as cars, homes, and hiring remodeling contractors. In coming years, Millennials pay spent a larger percentage of money on remodeling contractors, and Millennials have certainly captured the attention of many industry experts. And within 10-15 years, a similar scenario may play out for those of Generation Z, born 1996-2010.

What Remodeling Contractors Do

What will a home look like by the time remodeling contractors are done with their work? This may vary from house to house, and some rooms may be remodeled but not others. Certain rooms are more popular than others, though.

It is common for the kitchen to be remodeled. Many homeowners want a fresh and appealing kitchen to cook in, and many report that they do a lot more home cooking once the kitchen remodeling work is done. In this room, old appliances such as the stove, fridge, or dishwasher may be replaced with newer ones, and floor tiles can be scraped up and replaced with fresh new tiling. The walls may be repainted, and the cabinet doors may be repainted or even replaced. Plumbers can replace the sink with a more attractive and water-efficient model.

The master bathroom is another popular remodeling target. Here too, the floor tiles can be replaced with fresh new tiling, and lighting fixtures may be updated. In this room, plumbers may do the bulk of the work. They can replace not only the sink, but also the toilet or the shower or even bath tub with new models. These new plumbing features are not only fresh and new, but they will be modern, low-flow models that save on the water bill over time. All of this can make for a very appealing bathroom for the current and future homeowners alike. It’s not just a room for the toilet; homeowners like to take baths, shave, or perform other toiletries in here. A fresh bathroom is perfect for all that.

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