Since you’re planning to landscape your front, side, and/or back yard, you may be looking for a few project ideas. In addition to planting trees, flowers, and herbs, you may also be thinking about putting in a walkway or another feature, such as a new patio. Here are a few tips on the benefits of landscaping along with information on the various uses for pea gravel, mulch, and soil.

The Benefits of Landscaping

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, were you aware that landscaping can increase its value? Recent data indicates that this can increase your home’s resale value by 14%. Furthermore, landscaping can also bring a solid return on your investment. When you invest even five percent of your home’s overall value on landscaping, this can potentially bring you a 150% return.

Popular Uses for Pea Gravel

You may be wondering whether you should use pea gravel versus crushed stone. There are popular uses for pea gravel, such as creating walkways, patios, and other areas that experience a considerable amount of foot traffic. Pea gravel is smaller and smoother than crushed stone, so it makes for a more comfortable walkway. There are other uses for pea gravel, which includes providing flowerbed drainage. Pea gravel and other small rocks can also provide effective weed control. All that’s needed is a one-inch layer to keep those weeds in-check.

Using Tree Mulch

When you first plant a tree, it needs to be surrounded by mulch. In general, you would use between three-to-four feet. While there are two types of mulch from which to choose, you may prefer the organic rather than the inorganic variety.

How to Determine Healthy Soil

The health of plant soil is determined by fertility and texture. When plant soil is healthy, it will have the following percentage of elements:

  • Minerals: 34%
  • Water: 25%
  • Organic matter: 5%

How to Determine pH Levels

When growing some types of flowering and productive plants, It’s important to know the soil’s acidity or alkalinity. This is measured by the pH scale, which ranges from 1.0 to 14.0. Some plants, however, may require neutral soil, which is in the mid-range at 7.0. Since there are quite a few plants that need to have a specific pH level, it’s important to know how to determine this. In these instances, a low acidic to neutral pH level of 6.2 to 6.8 may be needed to ensure the health of these plants.

Visit a Landscaping Supply Store to Learn More

Once you’ve decided how you want to landscape your grounds, it’s time to visit a landscaping supply store. In addition to learning more about popular uses for pea gravel, you can purchase mulch, potting soil, and other supplies. At that time, you can discover more landscaping ideas and obtain valuable resources from the experienced staff.

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