On a YouTube Video called Garden Answers titled 15 Perennials Every Garden Should Have, the host discussed her fifteen favorite perennials. She listed five for full sun, five for shade and sun, and five for just shade. The host discussed how to care for these perennials and the specific climate conditions that they grow best in.

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She gave you tips on watering, pruning, fertilizing, and where they fit best in your garden. All these perennials are easy to find at your local garden center or grower.

The best perennials for the sun are sedum, a low-maintenance plant that does well in dry soil and full sun. It comes in several varieties. Russian sage is the second recommended perennial. It has purple flowers like lavender, the third recommended plant. Both of these flowers are tall with purple-shaded flowers. Another favorite for full sun is black-eyed Susan, a tall perennial with large yellow flowers. The fifth is echinacea, a plant with cone-shaped flowers in purple, white, and yellow green.

The five best perennial shade plants are Hosta, with hundreds of varieties and different sizes. It does well in the shade and is the first to come up. Another popular shade plant is Brunnera with heart shaped leaves that have a silver tinge. Japanese Horse Grass is ornamental perennial grass. Lungwort is a showy shaded plant with blue and pink flowers. Hellebores is a great shade plant and for cut flowers in arrangements.

The Garden Answer host says the best sun and shade perennials are hardy geraniums, lady’s mantle, Carex ornamental grass, penstemon, and Japanese Anemones. Before deciding on your choice research, the plant and how to care for it. Some perennials can be grown indoors in pots or outdoors.


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