As a homeowner, you probably understand how important it is to maintain the equipment that runs your home and make repairs as necessary. But how do some of this equipment work? Your air conditioning, for example, provides cool, clean air so that you can live comfortably, and when the air stops being cool or clean, then you call in technicians to fix it. If you understand how your air conditioning works, you may be able to better maintain it and even repair it yourself. In this video, you will learn how it works.

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In most cases, an AC unit will actually have two parts, one that sits outside (the condenser) and one that is inside (the evaporator). As you learn about how these units work, keep in mind that heat always travels from hot to cold and that the heat transfer will be faster the greater the difference between the two temperatures is. That is, on a basic level, how the AC works. It absorbs heat by pumping cold refrigerant which encourages heat exchange.


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