Landscaping delray beach

Landscaping as far as managing spaces of grass has been around as long as the 16th century, with the first use of the term lawn used in 1733. During this time, lawns were cultivated carefully by wealthier households in England and France, where mostly chamomile and thyme were used over grass to cover spaces and add to the aesthetic. However, it was not until the 1800s when the term became part of the American vernacular.

So really for the past 500 years, landscaping has been a service business of sorts. Of course, today’s Boca Raton landscapers and Coral Springs landscaping professionals are using more technologies than the landscapers of the past, and even Weston FL landscaping professionals are involving new and unique trends that are keeping customers pleased with their lawn care services. The landscapers of today are much different than those of the past, because today’s Weston and Boca Raton landscaping professionals use all sorts of grass and shy away from herbs and plants that could be significantly damaged by the Florida heat.

Ever since Frederick Law Olmstead, largely considered the father of modern landscape architecture in America, began designing parks like New York City’s famed Central Park, Weston FL landscaping professionals and others across the industry and even worldwide have tried to capture his beautiful designs and bring them into their own designs. While not all Weston FL landscaping professionals have succeeded, most have found a way to use quality designs to retain customers and attract new ones. These Weston FL landscaping companies and others have studied his designs carefully and those of many other famed landscape designers over the years, and they have consistently worked to incorporate these designs and even create new ones of their own to stand out.

So what do Weston landscaping professionals today know that the landscapers of the past did not? Mostly, they know that lawn care changes with the seasons, and that lawn care will depend on the type of lawn or grass growing and the climate zone too. Any Delray Beach landscaping service knows too that keeping customers happy is of the utmost importance. What these Weston FL landscaping businesses in Florida know is that lawn care is a true need for homeowners and for commercial operators too, and that what they do is very important in keeping the overall outside look of a commercial or residential property intact and looking nice.
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