Water efficient toilets

In 1857, the first American patent for a toilet, known as the “plunger closet,” was granted. While the commercial toilets of today hardly resemble that product, they are an integral part of any bathroom. Although when it comes to renovations, people might think of bathroom vanities and sinks before a commercial toilet, many contemporary toilets are a great option. Many modern toilets are water efficient, which when combined with other efficient plumbing fixtures, can save a family as much as 50 to $100 a year on water and wastewater bills. Consequently, a commercial toilet can go a long way towards making a bathroom renovation as worthwhile as possible.

Although a commercial toilet can be a great part of a bathroom upgrade, it is not the only item that a homeowner might want to replace. They might want to install a walk in bathtub, which gives users the option of filling up the tub after entering it or using a hand held shower attachment in order to bathe. Or, they might want to install a corner bathtub that might have a different shape and be deeper than a conventional one. There is not one product that is right for every bathroom, and taking the time to find the right ones can go a long way towards making a bathroom as efficient as possible. However, a new commercial toilet is almost always a great option. More info like this.

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