Plumber service

There are some interesting toilet facts out there; Contrary to what we have been told for years, Thomas Crapper, did not in fact invent the flush toilet. He worked for the dude who held the patent for a flush system, and Mr. Crapper simply built the design. Also, did you know that long before his days of biting off bat heads, Ozzy Osbourne was a plumbers apprentice?

Life before indoor plumbing was a stinky affair. Even though the Romans invented the use of copper water lines and the Minoans used underground clay pipes for plumbing thousands of years ago, indoor plumbing did not become the norm until the late 1800s, and even then, it was still considered a luxury. Well, thanks goodness for plumbing, sewage systems, and plumber San Diego.

Since 1963, more than 28 billion feet of copper plumbing tubing (including plumbing San Diego) has been installed in America. That is a lot sewer and plumbing lines, and leaves a lot of room for things to go awry. We all know that plumbing problems can be a real nightmare, and considering that one in every 318 homes or buildings plumbing systems have a leak, enlisting the expertise of an experienced plumber service and plumber San Diego service is mandatory.

Plumbing is a lot more than broken toilets and clogged seats, too. An experienced plumber San Diego can efficiently and safely uncover whatever ails your plumbing system. Whether your need is a sewer and drain service call, a sewer line replacement, broken sump pump, or ineffective garbage disposal, a plumber San Diego can fix it quickly and affordably.

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