One of the most common updates needed for a home is waterproofing. With about 98% of residential basements facing water damage at some point, there is a need for repair and prevention. Concrete block waterproofing is one option to help overcome this problem. There are many other areas of the home that can benefit from waterproofing options like this one.

Prevention of Water Damage

Another method of preventing water damage from the beginning of construction is the use of waterproof sealants. With many different options available, you are able to waterproof any area of your home inside and out. This includes your roof, siding, deck, patio, and all other places that may face heavy rain and storms.

Roofs and Water Damage

It is first important to consider the weather that your region faces when choosing the material of your roof. However, there is always the ability to prevent long-term damage by using aluminium roof sealant, commercial roof sealer, metal roof sealant, rubber roof paint, or waterproof sealant paint. Even more than prevention, there are ways to handle water damage after the fact. Sometimes it may take repair paints and coatings to help overcome water damage that has come from a bad storm. Metal roof repair coating can help with problems if you need to make your roof last a little longer before you are able to pay for a replacement.

The Siding of Your Home

Another part of your home that may face serious water damage over time is your siding. Especially with wood siding, there is the potential for it to become old and worn, reducing your home’s value by about 10%. So, there are waterproof sealers that are able to help protect your home’s siding for a long time and extend the life of the siding and maintain the value of your home much longer than normal.

Additional Waterproofing Options

While concrete block waterproofing is able to offer a number of valuable protective services across different areas of your home, there are many other sealants that can help. So many specific types of roofs, floors, decks, patios, and other materials need to have a specific sealant or protective coating to eliminate the potential for rust or other damage. Some of these include the following:

  • Slip resistant coatings
  • Waterproof pain for bathrooms
  • Tin roof sealants
  • Sealant for flat roofs
  • Deck sealants
  • Rubberized roof coatings
  • Deck primer
  • Commercial concrete paint
  • Commercial waterproofing products

There are so many more options than this, with the ability to waterproof any room of your home that may fall victim to leaks and other water damage. While the basement and other key areas can benefit from concrete block waterproofing, it is important to remember that water is able to damage any area of the home at any time, and sealants and protectants can help prevent that damage.

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