Home remodeling can be a headache-inducing endeavor. Even a garage addition, which is really just a few walls and empty space, manages to make individuals wish they never started. That still does not stop two-thirds of homeowners from at least planning to do it. But after the problems are dealt with and the work is done, regret is – usually – not on anyone’s mind. You might have heard the saying, “it is the journey, not the destination,” well, that is not the case when it comes to home remodeling projects. And one of the many popular and rewarding home additions, for the past two decades, are basement renovations, according to surveys straight from National Association of Home Builders!

Finished basement contractors take all that empty space and turn into just about anything you want! Entertainment room? Sure! Gaming room? Absolutely! In fact, all the nails you bite out of nervousness over your finished basement contractors work can actually leave you with a return on investment. All that worrying is not in vain because, according to Home Advisor, you can see a return of up to 70 percent on your basement remodel, at least an average one.

One could argue that using all available space is what drives people to contact finished basement contractors and invest in finished basements or just recreational rooms in general. And many are going through with it. In 2016, a survey was conducted by U.S. Houzz and Home. In their survey they stated that 68 percent of homeowners on Houzz were considering the prospect of a recreational area in their custom home. The same survey, however, also noted that only 29 percent actually followed through, just under half. It’s understandable – an entertainment room is not a necessity and should never come before what is really needed.

If a finished basement is not within reach, or you have no use for one, then perhaps an outdoor space is more your speed. After a long winter not many individuals enjoy the idea of being stuck in their houses and would rather catch some sun, maybe even grill outside. Building an outdoor space can not only provide a place of comfort but it is personal as well. In fact, if the outdoors is what you seek, an outdoor space might get you spending six or more hours a week outside, according to Houzz Landscaping and Garden Trends study conducted in 2016.

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