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Renovations. It’s a term that gets people’s attention, especially if they own a house. It’s an attention-getting term. There are many connotations to renovations and many images that come to mind. A person working on a hardwood floor for instance, or a man busting down a wall with a sledgehammer.

Renovations. It can mean promise for an individual. It can mean a money sinkhole.

There are many ways to do renovations. There is the old, roll-up-your-sleeves and do it yourself. There is the pay a contractor method. Either way, renovating will cost money. Often hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the project. It can become that money sinkhole. Or it could become promise.

Renovations can mean many things. It can mean working on a living room floor, putting hardwood down in place of that carpet or ripping up that tile in place of another flooring possibility. It can mean working on the bathroom, putting in new tile floors or a new toilet or sink. It can mean putting in new counter tops in the kitchen.

But what many homeowners may not think about as they’re completing a renovation or planning to start one is the investment that a renovation possibly brings to a home. This is called return on investment or ROI. It matters more than for just in house renovations too. It matters for outdoor renovations, like landscaping.

There are some statistics about landscaping that are worth noting. They are:

  • Landscaping can increase a home?s resale value by 14%.
  • Nearly 90% of real estate agents recommend that homeowners invest in landscaping before putting their home on the market.
  • According to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 67% of Americans agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard.
  • The majority of homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces are addressing their backyard (64%).
  • Over half of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours there per week (51%). Relaxing, gardening, and entertaining are the top three uses of the space.
  • 83% of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well-maintained.

To many people, taking care of their yards matters. Taking care of their yard might mean general maintenance, such as watering, weeding, mowing, hedging, and the trimming of bushes. It may also mean more dramatic measures, such as measuring and dealing with the soil of the yard.

One of the activities that people most like doing in a yard is gardening. Gardening is an activity that involves the planting of flowers and bushes in the yard, often in the front yard, for all the people passing in cars or walking can see. Gardening involves the use of tools, such as spades and shovels, to maintain and plant the plants.

A yard is a great place to get some sunshine during the summer, as laying out on a patio outside a pool can help give a nice tan and some relaxing rays. This is important, as a person’s physical appearance matters more than ever in this day and age. The yard is a good place to get a workout as well, with digging, building, lifting, and more.

Landscaping is one important activity that can be done. There are many ways in which landscapers can possibly improve a lawn. They can water it regularly, making it appear whole and vibrant. They can make sure the holes in the lawn are filled and that all the rocks are picked up. Landscapers can level a lawn and make it appear flat and smooth.

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A landscaper is someone who works in the landscaping industry and has likely been trained to deal with lawns. A landscaper may have many different tools and pieces of equipment that can help with the improvement of the lawn. A landscaper likely has seen different kinds of lawns before if he or she is an experienced landscaper.

There are many positive qualities about renovation and renovating a lawn. There are many goods things about it.

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