Emergencies can happen at any time. If you own a home or business, you need to be aware of an emergency board up service that can handle any damage to your glass storefront or facility that can put up temporary board-ups for incoming storms or be on the spot in the middle of the night with a break in or accident.

Emergencies can include emergency construction, home water damage, mold cleanup, water leak repair, and clean up after a house fire amongst many others. An emergency board up service can give support and hope during one of these unexpected disasters.

The average insurance premium for homeowners rose by 6.0 percent in 2013, following a 5.6 percent increase in 2012, according to a February 2016 study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Unfortunately, a 2015 Insurance Information Institute poll conducted by ORC International found that 95% of homeowners had homeowners insurance but only 40% of renters had renters insurance.

Based on Floodsmart, a 2,000 square foot home undergoing 12? of water damage could cost more than $50,000. Flash floods can bring walls of water from 10 to 20 feet high. Floods are the most widespread natural disaster aside from wildfires. About 90% of all U.S. natural disasters declared by the President involve some sort of flooding.

In late February, tornadoes struck Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Harrisburg, Ill., experienced the most concentrated destruction, with more than 225 homes and businesses damaged or destroyed and an estimated $475 million in total damage. In the event of a catastrophe situation, many insurance companies set up 24 hour emergency hotlines.

Winter storms and cold waves caused $3.5 billion in insured losses in 2015, almost double the ten year average of $1.8 billion. Wildfires, heat waves, and drought produced $1.9 billion in insured losses in 2015, below the ten year average of $2.8 billion.

Mold typically begins to grow in 24 to 48 hours in an untreated moist environment. A sheet of drywall standing upright with its edge sitting in half an inch of water can wick water up to 6 inches in less than three hours.

It is very important that you be ready with an emergency board up service to help you when the need arises.

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