From the residential elevator installation company to the commercial elevator installation company, elevators are widespread and incredibly prevalent all throughout the United States. From apartment buildings to private homes, the typical residential elevator installation company can usually install a residential elevator just about anywhere. And on top of this, commercial elevators can be found in the vast majority of buildings that have more than a single floor.

The data more than backs this up, showing that the United States alone has at least seven hundred thousand elevators, if not considerably more than that. And this is a number that is constantly on the rise. Each new year, in fact, it’s estimated that up to ten thousand residential elevators alone are being installed by the average residential elevator installation company. When you factor in the installation of commercial elevators, this number climbs even higher and higher than many people would realize.

The popularity of elevators makes a lot of sense too. After all, elevators are incredibly useful. If you live in a large apartment complex on one of the higher floors, residential lifts are sure to make your life more streamlined and pleasurable. There is certainly no one living in any given apartment building that wants to climb seventeen flights of stairs (for example – some people will live on even higher floors) on a daily basis, often multiple times throughout the day.

And for people who struggle with mobility issues or have a physical disability, the presence of an elevator makes a building so incredibly more accessible than it otherwise would have been. If not for the presence of elevators in most commercial buildings, people who have mobility issues and physical disabilities would very likely have a difficult time making their way to not only their homes but to any variety of doctor’s offices, their places of work, or any other location not on the first floor of a building.

However, many people have a deeply rooted fear of elevators. For some people, it’s claustrophobia, as the space of a typical elevator is one that is relatively limited. For other people, it’s the fear that the elevator will simply stop and leave them trapped there for an indefinite amount of time. And some people even fear getting trapped in an elevator while a fire breaks out, leaving them with no viable method of escape.

But as any residential elevator installation company will be able to tell you, elevators are actually incredibly safe and very few people end up injured or losing their lives because of elevators on a yearly basis. In fact, escalators, which are typically viewed as very safe by the general population, are far less safe than your typical elevator. The data backs this up, showing that the typical elevator is actually up to twenty times safer than your typical escalator, meaning that your odds of being injured in an accident related to an escalator is almost infinitely higher.

Of course, regular elevators maintenance is necessary for an elevator to stay safe, and this should be done by the residential elevator installation company who installed the elevator in the first place. This regular elevator maintenance should be done on a regular basis, and can help to ensure that nothing bad ever happens as a result of using that specific elevator. In fact, elevators typically must display within the elevator whether or not said elevator is up to code, making it easier for just about any passenger to assess their risks of riding the elevator in question.

And sometimes it is true that elevator repair becomes necessary. This elevator repair can be conducted by the residential elevator installation company in the same way that the elevator maintenance can, but it is likely ideal to also have it assessed by a local elevator safety company that has a great deal of experience and history.

From the residential elevator installation company to the New York elevator company to the elevator company in your home town, there are many resources to seek if you are interested in elevator installation. And elevators are hugely useful in many different settings, from the apartment complex to the commercial building here in the United States.

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