Large wind chimes

There are few things more relaxing than resting in the shade on a warm summer day with a gentle breeze blowing past thoughtfully placed large wind chimes that softly and beautifully soothe the soul. Whether the sounds of large wind chimes are made from the gentle clapping of bamboo reeds, the tender tinkling of delicate metal, or the whimsical trills of seashells, these outdoor decorations often offer a calming reprieve to the hectic sounds of daily life.

The origins of large wind chimes have been traced back as far as 5,000 years ago and have supernatural roots in its later incarnations. In ancient China, for example, the musical notes of wind chimes were meant to ward off evil and attract good spirits. The practice of feng shui, which is the belief of combining elements of heaven and earth, gave birth to the calming influence of large wind chimes in a persons living space. Today, in addition to the healing tones of large wind chimes, many homeowners incorporate other indoor and outdoor accents to create their own personal retreat.

Throughout history, homeowners have transformed gardens into peaceful places of solitude. One of the most famous testaments to the power of palatial garden spaces still stands to this day at the palace of Versailles. Its creator, Louis XIV, engineered a natural reprieve replete with 50 fountains, more than 200,000 trees, and more than 210,000 plants, which are still planted annually. Aware of the peace brought on by enjoying nature at its finest, each day the Sun King would walk amongst the splendor of his gardens, taking in their overwhelming beauty.

Of course, modern adaptations need not be as elaborate or extensive as Versailles and can still provide similar therapeutic benefits. Outdoor and indoor plant stands, decorative candle holders, and unique bird houses are all items that can be incorporated into a garden sanctuary. Water fountains and large wind chimes offer both a visual and aural comfort, too. In a variety of styles, sounds, and prices, large wind chimes can be one of the most stunning decorative choices for your garden sanctuary.

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