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There is a very interesting history behind Wilton Manors and its development. Even though Wilton Manors has become known as a gay village or community, being ranked the 2nd largest gay community in the U.S., the population there is actually diverse. However, a quick search online reveals the fact that the population of gay men in Wilton Manors is 1270 percent higher per capita than the rest of the nation. If you are looking for a friendly community to live you should contact a Wilton manors realtor that can give you more details on the gay community and opportunities for employment here.

A Wilton Manors realtor will have several listings for this so called “Island city.” The city is surrounded by all kinds of waterways so if you love being near the water, contact a Wilton Manors realtor to see what is available if you are looking to move to this community. There are all kinds of condos for sale in Florida and you can find several listed with a Wilton Manors real estate agent. If you are just interested in the gay community you can contact a Fort Lauderdale gay realtor. Interested buyers can find several short sales in florida right now so it is a good time to contact a Wilton Manors realtor.

It is always fun to keep up with the Fort Lauderdale real estate news, especially if you are looking for a great real estate investment property today. Contact a Wilton Manors realtor and have them keep an eye out on a condo or house for you if you are interested in moving to this area soon.
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