While spring is one of the best seasons of the year, it can often complicate people’s lives due to allergens. That’s why the concept of spring-cleaning has become so popular. Some people decide to hire a house cleaning service or do it themselves. Either way, it’s vital to know how to properly eliminate any agents, such as pollen, dander, dust, etc., to avoid sneezes and runny noses.

Any household that experiences serious allergy or rhinitis issues should get a home air allergen test because there could be something more than pollen affecting the interior. Your HVAC system may be the cause of your breathing problems. There’s normally no reason to suspect anything dire, but you should still investigate which elements could affect your house.

Many people go online and type “how to get rid of indoor allergies?” or “how to reduce allergens in home?” However, there are so many answers on the internet that make this matter more complicated than it needs to be. Fortunately, you won’t have to look any further because the article below has everything you must understand to control indoor dust and dander. Let’s discover the most amazing tips on how to get rid of these allergens!

It might not feel like it, but spring is just a few chilly weeks away. And while spring may conjure thoughts of warm days and flowers for some, it conjures thoughts of allergens for others.

Late winter and early spring is the start of allergy season, which means now is the best time to prep your house to fight off the sniffles. Here’s how you can kick allergens out of your home before they even have a chance to make it inside.

Choose your flooring wisely and keep it clean

There are different types of flooring you can use to fight back against allergens. Some folks say hardwood floors are the best for people with allergies because you can easily sweep and mop the floors clean.

But studies suggest carpets can also reduce allergens. In fact, allergic reactions in the general population of Sweden increased by 30% when carpet usage decreased by 70%.

It’s true that carpets can hold onto dust and dander, but those can be easily sucked out of the carpet with a vacuum every week. It’s also recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year.

That said, you need to keep your floors clean whether you’re a fan of hardwoods or carpeting. The floor itself won’t keep allergens at bay.

Don’t ignore your windows

We’re not talking about washing your window panes, although they could use a good scrub once spring arrives. Instead, we’re talking about your curtains.

Curtains are like rugs on your walls. They collect dust, debris, and bacteria when you’re not looking. And so, like rugs, they need to be washed periodically.

Consider replacing your blinds with washable roller blinds while you’re at it. Blinds can also collect dust, which can get into the air when you open and close them.

Make sure your ventilation is clean

Finally, cleaning your house means nothing if your ventilation is dusty and dirty. Make sure you change your HVAC system filters throughout the year, you’re cleaning your fan blades, and wiping down your air vents.

Have a professional come by and clean your air ducts, too. You don’t want your ventilation coughing out dust when you’re not looking.

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