Updated: 1/25/2022

There are different ways that basement renovations can be implemented. Moreover, there are also some reasons, as to why one may want to remodel as well. For example; basement reconstruction could be part of making a house, or higher quality in all aspects. Furthermore, basement renovation services could also be used, to help fight against constant leaks in a basement, mold, etc. These are some factors to take into consideration. Now; some important questions to ask about basement remodeling, are as follows. What is the average cost of finishing basement with bathroom? While the answer is yes, it may be best to hire a professional, depending on what an individual wants, pertaining to remodeling. For example; let’s say that one is looking to plan a surprise birthday party for someone, and to do so, they need to remodel the basement, make it fancier, change tiles, etc. When basement redesign ideas have this amount of depth, it may be best to hire professionals, rather than attempting a basement finishing guide, that one may not get done in time

Once upon a time, in days long ago, basements were synonymous with adjectives like dankmustydamp, and a full catalog of equally unsavory words. But, now, basements are often a central part of a comfortable home. Rather than leaving a basement to wallow in the descriptively depressing throes of yesteryear, it’s time to step up your game.

Or, step up your game room. In 2016, a survey from U.S. Houzz and Home found that 29% of custom homes included gaming and entertainment rooms. A popular spot for these? The basement.

Perhaps the title gave this away, but basement finishing opens the door to an unlimited amount of creative projects. You already know a finished basement can be a game room, so let’s look at what else it could be.

A Full Second Home

Plenty of people are surprised to see how much space their basement actually has. Once all the stuff you’ve stored there is out of the way and the basement contractors get to work, you’ll have tons of room to work with. One of the best uses for this space is creating a fully functional, separate apartment. Bed, bathroom, kitchen, and living space, all scaled to the size of your basement. With a full home in the finished basement, it can have a variety of different functions over time. Kids play space, guest room, Airbnb, whatever you want it to be is up to you.

Pub And Grub

Maybe upstairs is where you host holiday dinners with extended family, but what about when you’re watching the World Series? A popular home addition that finished basement contractors find themselves installing are bars with adjoined entertainment spaces. Yeah, going to the pub is nice, but sometimes you just want the pub to come to you. Putting one in your basement is the pinnacle of home improvement.

Generally, a finished basement has the ability to multifunctional over time. The nice thing about basement finishing is that you don’t have to commit to any one of the many fun things the space could be. Plan for it to evolve over time and have some fun with it.

Need some inspiration and design help? We’ve got you covered. The residential contractors at our business specialize in basement finishing, room additions, and a bunch of other home remodeling projects. Get in touch with us today.


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