When buying the best paints to hide stains for your baby’s nursery, it has to be water-based. You should not use any paint containing volatile organic compounds. There are different options, but the perfect ones do not need a primer. If your house has had mold, buy safe paint that has antimicrobial agents, and it prevents mildew and mold. Ask for them when shopping for baby room safe paint. Here are some safety measures that you must consider when looking for how to paint baby furniture safely

• Before you decide to use any paint test for lead; there is no safe level of lead in paint. Most of the lead paint is found in old houses built more than 40 years because the paint was banned in 1978. If you have bought an old house that looks like all it needs is the best paint for hiding stains, think twice. There are lead test kits in a local hardware store.
• Before you paint the crib, make sure its stable. Anything that wiggles or rattles should be repaired to make it a bit tight. Then you can get baby safe paint for cribs.

Health problems caused by volatile organic paints
Scientific research has shown that VOCs have many adverse effects on a child. They can also affect nursing mothers and pregnant mothers. Therefore you need to choose baby safe paint carefully. The problems include:

• The paint causes throat, eyes and nose irritation to your baby
• It can also affect you as the babysitter or mother by giving you a headache, nausea and loss of coordination.
• There is also a risk of kidney, liver and nervous system damage.
• Some of the VOCs are also believed to be a cause of cancer in animals and humans.

Best paint for hiding stains is the quickest way to give your baby’s room the makeover it needs. The top priority thing is ensuring the safety of your child, and then you can have fun choosing the colors you want. You can change the colors of the walls and furniture as you wish.

There are also other additional ways to come up with beautiful decor of your baby’s room. When looking for best paint for hiding stains for your baby’s nursery, make sure to get low VOC paint and everything else will fall into place.

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