Did you know that fifteen thousand house fires annually start in the laundry room alone? Most surprisingly is that most of these fires are attributed to lint buildup in your drying machine. This buildup is mainly caused by lint accumulation inside the dryer and clogged dryer vent. It’s therefore vital that you take care of your dryer machine, if used regularly. Alternatively, call in a dryer duct cleaning company to periodically check that your dryer is performing as well as it should.

Learn the process of how to clean a dryer vent and ductwork in this video.

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The failure to clean the dryer machine’s lint trap screen leads to more lint buildup. Also, using a damaged lint screen can lead to lint buildup. Clean out the lint trap screen every time you use the dryer. The best way to know if your dryer has clogged is to notice if your clothes take longer to dry- if they require two or more cycles. This could indicate a lint clog buildup that needs to be taken care of immediately. The next several steps include more manual work. Consult a dryer duct cleaning company if you do not have the time to do it.

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