When you think of a sauna you likely think about a wooden structure with a heating source that is used to create steam. While it is true that a traditional sauna is dependent upon a heat source. Today you have other options. An infrared sauna is a sauna that depends on infrared light to create a heat source. An infrared sauna delivers similar benefits as a regular steam room sauna.

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This video goes over every benefit that you can expect with this type of sauna. There are some benefits that are exclusive to the infrared type. For example, the infrared type of sauna uses a lower temperature and the heat goes deeper into the body.

Unlike a traditional sauna the infrared type does not require special plumbing to install. The infrared type of sauna is plugged into a regular household outlet.

If you are considering installing a sauna you should watch this video to compare your options. There are many benefits to learn about. Watch this video to learn more about this type of sauna and how you can benefit from owning one. Watch now.


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