There are a lot of types of decorative rock available that are used in landscaping projects. Flagstone is one of those double during landscaping rocks. They are both decorative and functional. Flagstone is this flat type of rock that is often used to create paths and walkways.

Flagstones can be easily installed to create a decorative path, sidewalk, driveway, and can be used indoors for flooring. This short video shows you what it takes to build a path out of this landscaping rock. This timelapse video takes you through all the phases of the installation process.

Watch as the side is prepped and as each stone is placed. Thanks to timelapse technology you can watch the entire process in about five minutes from start to completed path. This video from Handyman Startup will take you through the steps of creating this path without taking up a lot of your time. It is a fun video to watch and can help the viewer to better understand the steps involved in constructing this type of path. The results are beautiful so be sure to watch to the end. Watch the video now.

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