This video shows you how to use a pool scope to listen for a leak in the plumbing line. This video shows an old pool with in-deck valves. They are hard to plug, but in the video, they were able to take off the valve stems by putting the entire thing under pressure without cutting the pipe.

The pool repair company uses traditional processes to complete the job. They used a pool scope and pool mice, but they could not hear the leak.

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So they plugged off the in-deck valves and inject them from one of the returns. All the returns and the spa jets were closed off. Someone is listening under the pool shell while the plumbing is under pressure. They are listening to all parts of the wall making sure to hit all the common places.

This is how they find the leak. The video then shows how the repair is done. First, they cut into the concrete with a gas saw and water to control the dust. They make the cut and then use the jackhammer to break it up. Use these tips and find a professional to make sure your pool is leak-free. .

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