Of all of the outdoor home improvement projects homeowners take on, installing an inground pool is one of the most expensive and transformative. Having access to your own private pool is a luxury, and it’s something many homeowners dream of. While you have a few options when it comes to pool styles, one of the most affordable materials to choose is fiberglass. If you’re planning on contacting local companies for a fiberglass pool install, you should learn about the process before you start getting quotes.

In the video posted on this page, you can see a fiberglass pool install from start to finish.

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First, the pool installers mark out exactly where the pool will be installed. Then they excavate the area to make room for the pool liner. Once the area is fully excavated and marked out, they install a layer of gravel to give the pool a firm foundation.

After the area is prepared, they can install the fiberglass pool liner, which includes plumbing lines. This all-in-one unit is what makes fiberglass pool installs cheaper than installing other types of in-ground pools. As they lower the pool liner into the prepared area, they make adjustments and get ready to hook up the plumbing. Once everything is hooked up and settled into place, they finish the project.

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