As a homeowner, you likely wonder what the best outdoor home improvement projects include. Many homeowners put a lot of value in the way their lawns look and feel underfoot. But traditional lawns require a lot of maintenance, water, and attention. If you want to have a beautiful lawn that doesn’t eat into your time or monthly home maintenance budget, you can turn to professional turf grass installation instead.

Turf grass is artificial grass that comes in big rolls.

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Unlike traditional sod, it doesn’t include a layer of dirt and has no real root system. Instead, it is a completely artificial product. Early turf grass didn’t look particularly real, but today’s turf grass looks like a real, beautiful lawn.

To install turf grass, you need to start with a well-prepared yard. Ideally, you should prepare your yard with two to three inches of compacted decomposed granite or road base. This will give you a beautifully smooth surface to support the turf. If you buy your turf in a professional turf grass installation kit, it should come with everything else you need for the installation, including seam glue and tape. The video posted above can teach you how to complete the installation effectively.

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