Hire a metal roofing services company to install a metal roof in your home. Metal roofing is a low-maintenance roof that you install and forget. It is available in panels of various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are highly durable and energy efficient.

Are metal roofs a fire hazard? Metal roofs are rated Class A. It means that metal roofs have the highest level of fire safety. Concrete and clay are the other roofing materials with this high fire safety clearance. Therefore, metal roofs are not a fire hazard.

Are metal roofs better for hurricanes? Yes, they are. Professionals recommend metal roof installation in hurricane-prone regions. Metal roofs are durable and resistant to strong winds. Therefore, after the hurricane has passed, metal roof owners will not call roofers to fix or replace their roofs.

Are metal roofs better for snow? Yes, they are. To avoid roof damage due to snow, you need a roofing professional to install a metal roof on your home. Snow does not sit for long on the metal roof. Therefore, proper installation ensures that it can fall off on its own.

Are metal roofs better than asphalt? When you compare them, metal roofs are more durable and are low-maintenance. They are also more expensive to buy and sturdier than asphalt roofs.

Today, builders and architects have a secret weapon when designing modern homes that look absolutely gorgeous: custom metal roofs. Not only are our Oregon roofing supply company’s metal roofing products a practical, eco-friendly building material, but they provide a modern aesthetic that will set their designs apart.

Because asphalt shingle roofs are so ubiquitous here in the United States, many people still think of metal roofs as corrugated aluminum. In reality, modern metal roofing supplies come in a huge variety of colors and configurations to match any design or architectural style. Even better, because metal roofs are 100% recyclable, the typical metal roof provided by our Oregon roofing supply company contains at least 25% recycled materials. And because metal roofs are classified as “cool roofs” that reflect sunlight and heat, they can reduce cooling costs by up to 20% and reduce cooling demand by another 15%.

Metal roofing and siding comes in a huge number of styles and colors, and many builders use wood-style siding with charcoal, ash, or slate-colored metal roofing for a thoroughly modern architectural style. If you love architecture and contemporary design, then check out some of Taylor Metal’s best work on Houzz to see some truly gorgeous modern homes that incorporate metal roof materials perfectly.

And if you want to see what custom metal roofs provided by our Oregon roofing supply company look like up close and personal, then we’ve got you covered. We flew a drone above some of our best work to shoot high-definition videos of our roof supply company’s handiwork. Here are videos showing a wide variety of custom metal roofing products in residential, commercial, and agricultural settings.

Commercial Metal Roofing
This commercial roofing project required a variety of colors and options. The video shows a large townhouse-style apartment complex that needed custom metal roofing. It was a massive roofing job made possible by our Oregon roofing supply firm. Then, check out this high-definition video of low-slope metal roofing on these Oak Grove apartments.

Agricultural Roofing Materials: Olympia, WA Barn
If you’re curious about how metal roofs can be used to protect agricultural buildings, then check out this flyover video of a large barn in Olympia.

Residential Metal Roofing
Here are two more drone videos showing the various ways custom metal roofs and siding products can be used on homes here in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast. First, there’s the picture-perfect metal siding on this modern home in Dundee, Oregon, which combines metal siding with a flat roof. Then there’s this Vancouver, BC, home, which uses metal roofing materials to great effect.


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