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Even though we think of the Earth as a watery planet, in fact only about 1% of the water is usable by humans. The remainder is either locked up in the polar ice caps or too salty to use. Groundwater is the basis of human life as we know it. Even though humans have been digging wells since well before recorded history, well digging in our times is a complex and difficult process. The best well digging services cover all aspects of well digging and maintenance, from the initial drilling of your well, to the servicing and maintenance of the entire system. They also offer sump pump installation and repair, as well as water well sealing and water tanks.

The importance of groundwater
The National Ground Water Association celebrates National Groundwater Awareness Week from March 6 to 12. It reminds us that if we value our lives, we must value groundwater. Even though we only notice it in times of drought or if it becomes contaminated, groundwater actually makes possible life as we know it.
More than 15 million households in the U.S. rely private ground water wells as their only source of water supply. All private wells in the U.S. tap into and use ground water. In general, well water has a sweet and natural taste. Sometimes it can pick up traces of naturally-occurring sulfur, which can be removed through treatment.

Well drilling services use truck-mounted drills and augers
The origins of well digging are lost in the mists of time. For as lone as we know, humans have been digging wells to ensure a steady supply of drinkable water. But until about one hundred years ago, all wells were dug by hand. Today, most wells are drilled using complicated and expensive drill rigs.
The drills are mounted on trucks and the type of drill used depends on the nature of the ground to be drilled. If the area to be drilled is hard rock, rotary drill bits and percussive bits are used. These can either chew away the rock or smash it into small pieces. When the ground is soft, large augers bits can be used to bore into the ground. Modern drilling technology allows us to dig wells that are more than 1,000 feet deep.

Maintenance and care of wells
Unlike the public water supply system, where the pipelines must be maintained by the local authorities, private wells are the owner’s responsibility. Wells must be maintained to prevent contamination of the water supply by surface water or other foreign materials. These can contaminate not only the well but also the underlying aquifer.
Many waste drilling services will also provide maintenance services, as well as sump pump installation and repair. Sometimes well water can have a taste of sulfur, from naturally-occurring minerals. This water has to be treated to make it drinkable.

Well drilling companies offer full services relating to water use and disposal from drilling and maintenance of wells to sump pump installation and repair.

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