Hardscaping services

Just looking at the word “hardscaping”, you might think you know what that is, but not be too sure. The word, itself, does look like the more commonly used term of landscaping. In fact, hardscaping is a subdivision in the all-encompassing word we know as landscaping. Both hardscaping and softscaping refer to different parts of landscaping, or changing your yard and making it more attractive by altering it’s original design. Hardscaping construction, in particular, deals with landscaping projects of a heavy building nature, as oppose to softscaping, which typically deals with plants. Both can help improve both your backyard and your finances.

To begin with, hardscaping requires much more time and investment than softscaping. It is often recommended to enlist the use of a hardscape construction company, as they have the tools and experience to quickly and safely upgrade your lawn. Those that work in landscaping companies typically have a Bachelors or Masters in that particularly field, ensuring you they hold the knowledge for what is best for your own, individual home. They can provide all kinds of unique hardscapes, from outdoor lighting to lawn patch repair, to firepits, customizing whatever you wish to see from your backyard.

Beyond the aesthetic value of hardscape construction, there also exists a benefit of increasing you finances and decreasing potential allergy risks. Through the use of proper landscaping services, you can reduce the use of central air conditioning by up to 50%, saving you money on electricity bills. Trees, in particular, can drastically reduce the risk for bothersome noises, and can provide upwards of $273 a year in the areas of air conditioning, erosion and storm water control and pollution fighting. In addition, a landscaped lawn that is well-maintained and cared for can help reduce allergens such as ragweed, leaving you healthier.

Landscaping can also save you money when and if the time comes to sell your house. Around 60% of home buyers believe that a yard that is well looked after and landscape may influence their decision into buying the home. Not only that, but a home with a quality landscaped property can have a resell value of up to 14% more than a home that lacks one. Hardscape construction, because of it’s emphasis on building structures rather than maintaining plants, are sure to impress any who come across your house with an intent to buy it.

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