Nj modern furniture

Did you know that your furniture is probably the third most expensive thing you’ll ever by — following only your house and car? While this might seem shocking at first, it will probably begin to make sense once you start shopping for furniture. Furniture isn’t something that you want to “cheap out” on. It’s true that when you’re a college student, you might not want to buy the best sofa on the market, especially if it’s only going to be damaged in a party later on. But as you get older, you’ll begin to realize that furniture is more than just something for you to relax on. It’s also a manner through which you can express your personality — and it’s worth investing in. Buying high quality furniture also means that it will not only look classic for a longer amount of time; it will also last longer in a practical sense. A typical sofa has a lifespan of seven to 15 years, depending on how well you care for it, and a recliner can last for about 10 years. You certainly don’t want to go shopping for new furniture because the furniture you originally bought was faulty or didn’t last as you expected it to. Therefore, it’s better to invest in modern European furniture ahead of time, rather than spending money on furniture that actually isn’t that good. Modern European furniture has the advantage of looking contemporary while having the same quality levels as classic Old World furniture — and you can’t go wrong with a bit of Italian elegance in particular. Below, we’ll give you a few tips on furnishing your home with classic but contemporary furniture.

1. You Can’t Go Wrong With Leather

There’s a reason why leather furniture hasn’t gone out of style, and modern European furniture in particular trends towards leather in this day and age. For one thing, high end leather furniture is made to last — that is, if it’s made of real leather. Leather-making was perfected in Europe, and more specifically by the Italians. Italian high end furniture is often handcrafted and can in some circumstances even be customized to fit your taste. It’s made to be the type of furniture that will someday become an antique. Leather also simply looks luxurious. A 100 percent leather sofa will look expensive, without screaming how much money you spent on it. Of course, some people shy away from leather furniture because they think that the upkeep is too labor-intensive. In fact, leather furniture is fairly easy to maintain. It just needs a conditioner every six to 12 months, and spills can easily be wiped up.

2. Color Says A Lot

In most circumstances, modern European furniture isn’t going to be extremely colorful. The fact is that loud colors aren’t very contemporary, and can be a bit polarizing. This doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from color entirely. A good compromise could be buying more muted furniture, and juxtaposing it against a room with colorful walls. Fine Italian leather furniture often comes in either black — which is both classic and particularly favored by Italians — or brown. Of course, when we say brown, we don’t mean just one shade. Leather furniture often comes in a variety of different browns, and even grays. Many people choose warm tones for their living rooms, as warm tones express a sense of community and welcome. Cool tones, on the other hand, can make people feel a bit sleepier, and are thus perhaps better for the bedroom.

3. Custom Furniture Can Be Worth It

Most furniture manufacturers and sellers can work out deals regarding custom furniture. If you don’t feel the need to order custom furniture — don’t. But if your house has very specific dimensions, or if you just want a specific look, you may want to discuss custom furniture with your manufacturer of choice. The investment isn’t for everyone; but it will certainly yield unique results.

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