Foundation repair services chicago

There?s a reason people worry about their home?s foundation when it doesn?t seem to be holding up. It is called a foundation, after all — a word that has meaning whether you?re talking about the founding fathers or your cement home foundation.

If you?ve ever had to look up the contact information for a foundation repair company, you probably know all too well what some of the common issues are.

A foundation problem isn?t necessarily a reason to panic, but it is a time to get the ball rolling right away before more serious issues potentially form. Here?s a few facts every homeowner should know about the state of their foundation.

Cracks are Extremely Common

It?s estimated that about 66% of foundations crack within a year of being poured — that?s an incredible one in three. While these are sometimes very small cracks that are invisible to the naked eye — known as hairline cracks — they can grow larger over time (and have more dire consequences). It?s when cracks are larger than a fourth of an inch wide that you really need to call up a foundation repair company right away.

My Foundation is Tipped

If you?re not dealing with small cracks, but something a bit more worrisome such as a tipped, bowed, or severely cracked foundation, then you may need more substantial reinforcement. Otherwise, your foundation could significantly deteriorate over time — something no homeowner wants to deal with. Wood and steel braces can help to prevent further movement of the walls, and cost about $600 each. Other options include wall anchors and using epoxy. If all else fails, you may need your entire foundation to be rebuilt.

How Do I Know My Foundation is Damaged?

It?s a fair question — and one that begs a fair answer. A wet basement is an easy and obvious sign of a damaged foundation, because it indicates that moisture is getting in somehow. Foundation repair services can help to ensure basement waterproofing takes care of these mildew-inducing cracks. Another common sign of a foundation issue is homeowners having trouble closing doors or windows properly, which happens when parts of the house begin to shift (and other parts don?t). Still another way to know if your foundation is damaged: if you can roll marbles or other round objects across floors without having to push them, it can be an indication of shifting foundation walls below your home.

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