Redecorating is fun especially if you enjoy picking new paint, furniture, and wall hangings. However, if you are presented with a wide range of excellent furniture and beautiful colors, it can be challenging to stick to one option.

To succeed in redecorating, you need a plan. Suppose you paint a room without putting a layer of eco friendly primer. The wall will have something amiss.

Here are factors to consider when redecorating.

The Room You Are Decorating

Consider the color matching of the paint you choose and the furniture in the room. For instance if, you are repainting a newborn room, pick a paint that matches the best paint for baby cribs. Choose a relaxing color yet one that brings excitement.

Stains give an ugly look. It can be the single thing that makes the room look ugly, especially in the living room and kitchen. If you are redecorating a living room, consider the best paint for hiding stains.

An easy way to paint the room is to use a spray or roller. Choose an ideal method that you can comfortably ace.

What about the porch? It is the first part of your house that friends see when they walk onto your property. It is also the place you rest on afternoons or seat while reading a book. It is therefore important to choose an exterior porch paint.


When painting a room, you require an eco friendly primer before applying the main color. The primer hides the underlying color and faults. However, some paints are self-priming, which means you don’t require a primer.

You need to decide whether to use eco friendly primer then use your paint or use all-in-one paint. So, calculating paint coverage helps you to identify the amount of cash you will spend.

Can You Wash The Paint?

A room like the kitchen will require regular cleaning as it is prone to staining. Therefore, if the paint loses its rich color and appears dull after cleaning, it should not be your option for the kitchen. Porches and corridors are also exposed to possible staining that you will require to clean.

Consider using a finish paint, like gloss and eggshell, that allows you to clean the walls efficiently without losing the original richness of the color.

The Smell of the Paint

A paint that will cause health effects from VOCs is a bad idea. The smells of paints can send you to a hospital and that is something you should avoid. So, consider choosing a low VOC paint or paint with zero VOC.


Choose paint depending on the amount of natural light that comes in. If the room lacks natural light consider a bright color. Also, consider how the paint looks at different times of the day. A paint should bring out elegance and coziness but if it is not consistent as the lighting change, reevaluate your color.

If you are not sure about the paint, apply it on a small portion and observe it during different hours of the day.

Your Needs

Different colors have different psychological effects. Suppose you want a smooth pregnancy journey. You will need to relax more and the paints around your house should provide just that.

Incorporate Accessories

Once you paint your room, it is important to add accessories that match the wall painting. Try not to choose something trendy unless you will replace it in two years. A trendy accessory means after some time it will no longer be trending. Instead, choose a classic accessory that defines your style.

Take Away

As mentioned earlier, redecorating is fun and the process is easy. You start with an eco friendly primer, then paint of your choice, and finally the finishing. The most important thing to consider is picking a non-toxic paint. Good luck as you redecorate.

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