Lighting plays an important role in our individual homes, as well as business offices and many industries. From a quiet, but well lit office space in your home to productive days in large manufacturing plants to airport parking garages, there are many times when a specific kind of light is important. In a time when more and more states are legalizing the production and sale of marijuana, there are also many small businesses that rely on the best and most efficient induction grow lights to be successful.

From induction parking lot lights to induction grow lights for any kind of growing facility, the latest advancements help create many safer and more productive spaces. The fact of the matter is lighting now accounts for nearly 11% of energy use in residential buildings and 18% in commercial buildings. When you realize that Department of Energy statistics reveal that approximately 22% of all electricity generated in the U.S. is used for lighting, you understand the impact that having the most efficient light fixtures can have on a business.

Finding the Right Light Fixtures Can Make Any Space More Productive and Effective

Obviously, warehouse lighting fixtures differ from the task lighting that might be needed in a home office. Likewise, installing the right high powered LEDs in a parking garage can help create a safe atmosphere that is easier to monitor. Consider these facts and figures about the lighting industry and the impact that it has on the spaces where we work and where we live, as well as the economy of the nation:

  • In addition to providing up to 85% more light output, LEDs use only 15% of the energy a standard halogen light consumes.
  • LED lighting has the potential to reduce U.S. energy usage by nearly 50%, according to the latest U.S. Department of Energy predictions.
  • Induction lighting has high efficacy, which means the ability to produce a desired or intended result. In many cases, this efficacy reaches as high as 60 or 70+ lumens per watt.
  • The average life expectancy of a fluorescent bulb and ballast is about 20,000 hours.
  • In comparison, the life expectancy of an LED tube is roughly 50,000 hours.
  • The law requires parking garage lighting in many areas to be on 24 hours a day.

Whether you are looking for a way to update your home or you are searching for a way to make the public spaces around your business more safe, it is always important to make sure that you are selecting the best lighting options. Whether you are looking for the best induction grow lights for a new business or a soft light for a reading room for your family, there are a number of options that can help you create the desired effect.

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