Parents around the world face the nightly struggle of getting their little ones in bed and asleep on their spring box mattresses. This seemingly simple task can turn into a herculean feat in a matter of minutes without the proper techniques. Try using these easy tricks at bedtime to lull your kids into a blissful sleep.

    1. Establish a relaxing and consistent routine: Your children’s bedtime routine should last between 20 and 30 minutes. The routine should stay the same every time and should be very relaxing. Finish off the routine on their spring box mattresses with a favorite book rather than a new story so that their brain isn’t overly engaged.
    2. Create the perfect sleeping environment: The bedroom should be a place reserved for sleeping and should be designed to promote it. Try to keep your child’s room dark, quiet, and cool. A nightlight or dim light is perfectly fine for kids who are afraid of the dark. If your child sleeps better with some noise, use a fan or noise machine to create a steady, rhythmic sound. Make sure your child is completely comfortable by using a memory foam pillow and comfy mattress.
    3. Don’t respond immediately if they call your name: It’s natural to want to immediately respond when your child calls for you. Instead, wait a few moments after you’ve heard them call. These few moments without a response will remind your child that they should be asleep, and they will likely fall asleep as they wait for you.
    4. Avoid filling food before bedtime: Big and filling meals before bedtime can throw off the entire sleep schedule. If your child needs a snack, make sure it is light and healthy. This type of food won’t sit heavily in their stomach and stimulate their senses.
    5. Shut off electronics: This trick works for adults who have trouble sleeping as well. Electronic devices are stimulating and tend to keep the brain awake. Remove all devices from your child’s room and turn off any electronics at least an hour before bedtime.

Despite children needing more sleep than adults, and spending about 40% of their childhood asleep, getting them to restfully sleep on their spring box mattresses can be a fight of wills. Remember to be consistent and firm in the rules, and your child will get the hang of sleeping in no time.

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