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According to some estimates, two thirds of home in the United States have central air conditioning systems installed. Though they can be a bit expensive to install, they are the best way to beat the heat during the hottest summer months. Unfortunately, there are a number of different problems that can arise and cause systems to run inefficiently and in many cases, the only way to overcome them is by contacting reliable heating and cooling companies who have the skills and experience to quickly diagnose and repair any issue. Some of them, however, are more common than others.

Leaky Ducts

Flawed ducts are one of the worst perpetrators for wasted energy in homes. When there are leaks, HVAC heating and cooling systems will have to run much harder to try to get a home to the proper temperature, and might never actually be able to do so. So hiring heating and cooling companies to find leaks and make repairs is smart for every homeowner who wants their system to work as efficiently as possible.

Busted Thermostats

Central heating and air systems are dependent on a thermostat to make sure the temperature of a home stays at the proper level. However, like every other electronic device, they could malfunction and make it difficult for systems to do their job. Though some problems, including leaky ducts, can be completed by DIY projects over the weekend, thermostats can be more complicated and hard to fix. So hiring a heating and cooling repair professional is always a good idea.

Dirty Coils

Though the common belief might be that AC units pump cold air into a home, but in reality, they actually suck hot air out. In order to do that, the coils in the AC unit need to be clean and slime free. If they aren’t they will not be able to absorb heat, and will struggle to cool down a home. So one of the most common, and simple, central air repairs is cleaning or replacing old coils.

Broken Fans

Without the condenser fan, an AC unit would not be able to remove hot air from a home and expel it outside. Experienced technicians who work for heating and cooling companies should be able to determine right away if a fan is working properly, and make speedy repairs. By doing that, they will help make sure that the system is running efficiently and help homeowners stay cool.

Though staying comfortable during the hot summer months might be the main reason to get in touch with an HVAC service company, it is not the only one. Inefficient systems could cause utility bills to skyrocket, and make running the AC more expensive than it has to. So though there might be a bit of an investment required for maintenance and repairs, it can prove to be highly beneficial in the long run. For more about this, go here.

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