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Did you know that, according to NPD research, a typical Windows desktop computer costs at least $550? A brand new Mac costs an average of $1,000! Buying a computer can be incredibly expensive. Building your own is a smart and resourceful alternative – if you do it right. How can you build your own desktop without making costly mistakes?

Rubber Grommets, Cable Glands, and Zip Ties

Building a long-lasting and quality PC depends on electrical wire management. Installing grommets, or circular or oblong fixtures, into custom PCs helps redirect wiring and cables away from jagged metal pieces, or sometimes even sharp edges and corners. Rubber grommets also help reduce vibrations and noise from computer fans and other internal mechanisms. Grommets are available in a number of different sizes. DIY PC builders can purchase grommets online or at their local hardware store.

Similarly, cable glands safely connect electrical wiring to various parts and equipment. Cable glands are available in plastics, such as nylon, or metallic materials, such as stainless steel or brass. Some cable glands are liquid-tight, or, in other words, protect cables and cords from spilled liquids and condensation. Finally, consumers can protect and organize external wiring using zip ties. Nylon zip ties use a series of teeth and a pawl to semi-permanently lock wires into place. Releasable zip ties and/or Velcro zip ties may be best for light-weight applications.

Threaded Standoffs

Constructing a quality custom PC does not depend on wire management alone. Custom PCs also need insulation. Threaded standoffs allow for the proper distribution of electrical parts, by raising or separating the motherboard from external metal casing. Without this separation, PCs are highly susceptible to electrical shorts, fires, and other serious accidents.

Building a custom PC can save consumers an incredible amount of money. Electrical shorts and serious accidents, however, can put a considerable dent in that savings. Build your own PC, and do it safely, using protective parts and finishing products, including rubber grommets, cable glands, and threaded standoffs.
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