When it comes to decorating your home, you’re most likely focused on things like wall color, flooring, and rugs. But what you put on your windows is just as important. Different shades and draperies can affect the whole feel of your room.

That said, here are a few ideas to consider when the time comes to cover the windows in your space.

    1. Use Roman shades for awkward window lengths. It can be challenging to make curtains work when your windows are unusual sizes. This is especially true when you have storage beneath your windows. Roman shades let you cover your windows without dealing with extra fabric around your bookshelves.
    2. Try sheer panels for large windows. In areas of your home such as the living room, you may want to have more light streaming in. Sheer window treatments are great for just that.
    3. Roller shades are great for many windows. If a room in your home has many windows, roller shades and Roman shades are great choices to cover each one individually. What’s more, they can be customized to fit your windows even if some are larger or smaller than the others.
    4. Use Roman shades in the kitchen. It may be tempting to cover your kitchen windows with beautiful drapery. But curtains can get messy in this common area of food-prep. Roman shades keep your window covered without touching the ground.
    5. Decorate your room with bold curtains. It can be a big commitment to purchase furniture that’s in a bold shade. Curtains are less of a commitment. Not only do draperies reduce heat loss from a room up to 10% during the winter, but bold draperies can bring in just as much color as painting the room. Consider getting your custom window treatments in a bold, solid color and accenting it with a colorful rug.
    6. Add texture to your space with bamboo roller shades. If you have a bohemian style or if your room looks like it’s lacking texture, bamboo roller shades are a great way to inject some earthiness into the space.

Custom window treatments such as blackout blinds, plantation shudders, roller shades, roman shades, and cellular shades are a great way to give your home a unique and chic look.

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